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Folding and Inserting Systems

Companies that engage with their customers achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction. Staying in touch with your clients with regular mails is easy, thanks to paper folding machines from PBSA.

Streamline your mailing department by investing in a paper folder that can fold thousands of papers each hour. Here’s more information on the different solutions available:



This heavy duty and high-performance folder automatically feeds, folds and collects your envelope-ready documents.

  • 20 000 pieces per hour
  • 500 sheet feeder

  • More DF900 Features
    Model : DF900
    Fold Plates : Automatic fold plates need no manual adjustment, whatever the paper size.
    Speed : 20 000 items per hour.
    Input Tray : High capacity feeder takes 500 sheets and can be loaded while machine is running. Handles paper up to A3 size and 200gsm weight.
    Features : - Friendly, modern and easy to operate user interface with backlit LED display
    - Stores 20 jobs with minimal user adjustments
    - Built-in Wizard for configuring and saving jobs
    - Flexibility and higher output by automatically adjusting speed any time
    - Productivity is dramatically enhanced with on-the-fly loading
    - Has capability to interface to a dual tabber system for even greater productivity - Manual feed function
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    Download Brochure:

DF900 Video

PBSA Relay 1000

Relay 1000

  • 900 envelopes per hour
  • 4000 monthly capacity

  • More Relay 1000 Features
    Envelope feeder : 60 envelope capacity also lets you load material on the fly for continuous operation.
    Control panel : The simple interface makes job selection easy. Just press and go.
    Convenience feeder : Give everyday mail a professional look by feeding up to 3-pages stapled or unstapled.
    Sheet feeders : Load up to 80 sheets. A sheet feeder is included. A second sheet feeder is an available option.
    Insert feeder : Add impact to your mail piece with a pre-folded brochure, notice or reply envelope.
  • Download Brochure
    Download Brochure:
    Relay 1000

Relay 1000 Video

PBSA Relay 2000

Relay 2000

Get your monthly bills out without spending all month doing it.

  • 3 Station Unit
  • 2500 p/h
  • 10 000 monthly capacity
  • DL & C5 Envelope
  • Optional Barcode/ OMR

Relay 2000 Video

PBSA Relay 3000/4000

Relay 3000/4000

Get your business mail out the door fast. So you can get back to business.

  • 3000 p/h (Relay 3000) / 3500 p/h (Relay 4000)
  • Monthly capacity 20 000 and 40 000
  • DL & C5 Envelope
  • Optional Touch tablet for operating Relay 4000
  • Optional Barcode/ OMR

Relay 3000/4000 Video

PBSA Relay 5000/6000

Relay 5000/6000

Increase the speed and accuracy of your mail production. Not your stress.

  • 4,000 & 4300 p/h respectively
  • Monthly Capacity 65 000 & 120 000
  • DL, CB & C4
  • Optional High Capacity Feeders
  • Optional Barcode/ OMR

Relay 5000/6000 Video

PBSA Relay 7000/8000

Relay 7000/8000

High-volume mail demands, high-volume accuracy.

  • 5,400 p/h
  • Monthly capacity – 150, 000 and 250, 000 respectively
  • High Capacity Sheet feeder
  • Output Conveyor
  • Standard Barcode & OMR Dual scanner

Relay 7000/8000 Video

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